July 13, 2013

his footsteps.

How often do we want to just take control? To just tell God, "Hey God...I think I got this." Well,if you are anything like me, it happens more than I would like. We all want to be in control of this life we lead here on earth, we think we can fix everything.

Think about the times you truly decided to give a situation to God. Not just part of it...every single little piece of it. Even though he may not have provided what you wanted and prayed for, he provided what was best for you. He provided compassion in a time of need and the peace to settle your heart and soul.

Almost 3 years ago I decided to take a risk and run for National FFA Office. I made the first cut, but in the end I was not elected as an officer to serve the organization for a year. You know what...it sucked, it hurt, and every day for a year after that I questioned why He didn't provide me that opportunity. I knew that I would have learned a lot and I would have been able to reach students that most people don't connect with, but God had another plan. I was upset, I was angry at myself, and to this day, struggle to find ways to serve the organization I love so much.

God had another plan.

In my heart, I had planned a course for my life. I liked the course I had made for myself...but God wanted to lead me differently. He wanted me to take different steps...and today I realize how much better that plan was for me. I got to feel true love, I got to enjoy the rest of my schooling with my best friends...all in all, it worked out in His favor and most of the days were better than anything I could have planned.

There is always going to be pain and hurt, but sometimes we have to look past it and see all that we have. Just when you don't think you have been given what you want, look at all the other things he has blessed you with.

"Your pain is what God uses to expose the reality 
that you've been granted and sustained by mercy all along." 
- Jennifer Rothschild.

We are blessed beyond belief and all in completely different ways. So today, remember those blessings. If you are struggling to find where you are supposed to be, just give your fear and doubt to the Lord, he will provide the faith and grace you need to follow Him. As hard as it may seem, the Lord provides. He always does. God is good all the time and all the time God is good!