July 2, 2013

in awe.

This evening was a typical evening.  Dinner, a little tv, some house cleaning, and some time in the Lord's Word. I have been wanting to find a way to document scripture that really stands out to me...a way that is fun, creative, and me.  I want to reference it in times of trouble, sorrow, and happiness.  I want scripture to be part of my daily life. I saw this idea on a blog and loved it.

I decided I was lacking fun colored pens, washi tape, and index cards for this project...so why not take an evening trip to Target?  I live close to one, so it isn't out of my way; plus I saw the school supply section last time I was there, so I knew there would be plenty of options.

I found some pens, some washi tape, and some notecards. I also found something else.  Something that has been on my mind since I left the checkout lane in Target.  

As I was standing in line, a man and his two younger daughters fell in behind me. He put the little plastic divider on the belt and started to load his things on there while trying to entertain his little girls.  I noticed it got a little cramped in the space that he had allotted himself, so I moved the divider for him.  He looked at me and said, "thank you" and started talking about these cookies his daughter picked out.  These cookies were fresh chocolate chip cookies that said "made in store". I looked at him and said that they looked better than any cookies I have ever made and he agreed that he wasn't good at baking himself.  

I also noticed a lot of school supplies going on the belt, so I asked the girls if they were starting school soon...they replied with an excited "yes" and that they were starting on Monday.  I smiled remembering being at that age.

While we were waiting, these two little girls were arguing about their height and who was taller.  I turned back to look at them, smiled, and started giggling.  I knew exactly how they felt.  The youngest one was shorter...the oldest was taller.  The youngest desperately wanted to be taller.  

I looked at the girls and asked what grades they were in.  One said "5th" and the other said "2nd".  I looked at the youngest girl and said...don't worry, my little sister is taller than me.  The father looked at me (paying attention the entire time) and said "Really?". I said, "Yes, probably a good five inches taller."  He replied with "wow."  The littlest girl smiled and asked her daddy if he thought she would be taller.  He went on to saying that their mother was shorter, but his grandmother (I think) was taller...so, it was possible.  The littlest girl said her mother was gone now. At first I ignored it, but she mentioned it again...my mother is gone now...daddy, where do you think she is?

my.heart. melted.  I now knew what had happened.

These girls are without a mother.

The father replied with..."you know where she is. I know you do...where do you think that is?" The littlest girl pointed up to the ceiling and said, "in heaven."

I looked down at her, smiled and without even thinking said, "you couldn't be anymore correct." The father reassured my answer with a smile and a "yes, she is in heaven" to his daughter.

At that time, I swiped my card, grabbed my bags, wished the girls "good luck at school on Monday", and walked out of that Target thinking about what had just had happened.  

these thoughts that came to my head:

1.these girls are without a mother.  I wish I could be a Godly woman figure to these girls.

2. what an amazing father that man was to two little girls.  I wanted to know more about him and his past.  He had a strong faith despite all that had happened in his life and really seemed to care about nurturing that faith in his daughters.

3. will I ever see this family again? part of me wants to know how the girls are doing in school in a couple of weeks...I  just hope they grow into beautiful women full of faith. There is no doubt I will be praying for them.  

4. why, several hours later, am I still thinking about this?

God works in mysterious ways.  The connection I felt to this family was definitely God-instilled. Even though we were only waiting in line together for a few minutes, I felt God working in my life. I could feel Him using the scripture I had just read earlier that evening to be a servant of Him. Maybe I was placed there to put a smile on those girl's faces...maybe I was there to help comfort them about the loss of their mother's body here on this earth.  I really don't know the answers to the questions that I ask God...but sometimes that is the beauty of faith.  We just have to trust in His ability to work in our lives and the lives of others.  Tonight I am in awe...in awe of this family...and in awe of the Lord.

Maybe one day I will see this family again...until then, I plan on leaving it all in God's hands. Have you ever had a moment like this?