July 18, 2013

high five for friday.

This week I have been riding with one of our portfolio managers, our California area sales manager, and our tech service representative up and down the San Joaquin Valley in California.  As you read this, I am currently sitting in an airport patiently waiting to work my way home to the land of the pine...NORTH CAROLINA!

Here are my top five:

1.  Most of the time is spent riding with our sales guys is in a truck.  As we were driving up and down the valley, I saw probably 50 of these trucks just hauling tomatoes.  Hope you like salsa and ketchup!

2.  Giant Bavarian Pretzel with a spicy pimento cheese dip.  Y'all, this southern girl loves pimento cheese and is super picky about it.  This was such a great dip to this HUGE soft pretzel.  I cannot wait trying to make it at home!

3.  We spent most of the day Thursday looking at the different diseases that affect crops in California.  We looked at a lot of different crops.  The grapes on the left are healthy, the grapes on the right...not so much.  That's called powdery mildew...and no, those are not concord grapes. They are not supposed to be that color.  Just be thankful for agriculture chemical industry that help make this a manageable problem!

4. I ate a nectarine straight out of the field.  So So GOOD!

5.  Pumpkin Salmon.  Salmon covered in diced sweet potatoes and a homemade glaze. I wish I could replicate this!

Yes...there was lots of food in my top five this week.  But, it is totally acceptable since I have been eating at great restaurants while traveling and have really gotten to explore a completely different sector of agriculture! All I know is that California agriculture is absolutely beautiful and supplies a lot of the produce that you and I purchase at the grocery stores.  So, next time you are shopping, check out where your produce and nuts come from.  It may be California! 

P.S. the picture below is in a pistachio orchard!!

pistachio orchard

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