July 2, 2013

creating that passion.

I have officially been a graduate from North Carolina State University a little over a year now.  It's hard to believe that those four years seemed like the longest, yet shortest years of my life.  Every day I look back on those memories and use the lessons I learned there in my daily life today.  Would I go back? Maybe... maybe not; I enjoy adulthood for the most part.

Even though I went to college for four years, that doesn't mean I know what I want to do for the rest of my life.  I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up, and I feel like that is a common feeling among people my age.  

As I look back on all of the experiences that I have had, I just want to take bits and pieces of them and mold them into a position that I don't really think exists (if it does, please tell me because I haven't found it yet).

I would describe this position as an agricultural outreach coordinator.  Vague title- I know.

This job would have a role in teaching agriculture to people of all ages.  

This job would include plenty of community service opportunities.  

This job would allow for lots of travel all over the country allowing me to see and experience agriculture.

This job would give the opportunity to spend some time with students that don't know anything about agriculture or are interested in the industry.

This job would allow me to learn and grow from others each and every day.

As I think about this career...it makes me want to work even harder to create it.  I love teaching. I love advocating and learning about agriculture.  I love working with people to make agriculture known and this world a better place.  Maybe one day I will have the opportunity to create this position for myself.  I have had lots of little jobs and have had two real careers since the day I graduated. I loved aspects of teaching.  I love the opportunities of my job now...but sometimes I just wish I could mash the two together to get a perfect harmony and the position that I dream of each and every day.

Until then...I need to keep my focus on developing my skills for that beautiful day. Do you have a dream career?  Do you want a job that hasn't been created yet? Let me know...I would be interested to hear!