July 29, 2013

101 in 1001

A couple days ago I wrote a post called "life is about creating yourself". This is how I plan on creating myself in a fun way!

Mission: I have roughly 2.75 years to complete these tasks! After each task is completed I will blog about it and cross it off my list!

Why?: More often than not, we let life fly on by and we do not accomplish the things we want to do.  After seeing several other bloggers complete lists like these, I thought it would be a fun way to document me doing the things that I actually want to do!  This idea is based off the Day Zero Project

When?: Start Date:  July 29, 2013
               End Date: April 25, 2016

Key: Italicized means in progress
        Crossed off  with blog post link means completed!
Becoming Me
1. Create a list of 101 things  DONE! 
2. Blog about the completion of each item on the list
3. Adopt a pet
4. Read 20 books (0/20)
5. Be purposefully single for 3 months (1/3) 
6. Spend time at the feed store and learn "business" so I can eventually own one someday
7. Find a hobby that makes me happy.
8. Buy my own set of stationary
9. Purposely turn my phone off for an entire 24 hours
10. Find a perfume that represents me
11. Go through my closet and get rid of/sell things I haven't worn in 6 months

12. Take a spontaneous weekend trip
13. Attend an North Carolina State Wolfpack game out of state
14. Get a passport
15. Take a day trip to the beach
16. Take a day trip on a plane, carrying just a purse/backpack
17. Visit all 100 counties in NC (94/100)
18. Visit Washington DC 
19. Visit National FFA Convention as an FFA Alumni member
20.  Walk North Carolina State University as an alumni member

Things to Purchase
21. Buy a new nail polish
22. Buy a new bicycle 
23. A lottery ticket when there is a huge jackpot!
24. Buy season tickets to the NC State Wolfpack
25. Buy a bouquet of fresh flowers for my house every week for one month (0/4)
26. Subscribe to a magazine
27. Buy something at a flea market
28. A perfect pair of sunglasses
29. A fireproof safe for important documents
30. New tires for my car
31. Buy a college class ring

Family/Loved Ones/Friends
32. Make time to go to at least 5 of my sister's athletic/school events
33. Surprise my brother at the golf course with lunch
34. Take my dad to a hockey game
35. Take my mom to the theater
36. Send a thank-you letter to 2 of my college professors (0/2)
37. Call my grandparents once a week for at least 1 month
38. Start to learn Braille
39. Send out Christmas cards 
40. Send Valentines to all my family and friends
41. Place flowers on my grandma and grandpa's graves

42. Make a flavored homemade ice cream
43. Find a way to organize my jewelry
44. Create a recipe book/box
45. Help design a t-shirt quilt or make one myself (out of all my FFA shirts)
46. Carve a pumpkin
47. Redesign my room
48. Complete a 500+ piece puzzle
49. Learn to can/make homemade pickles
50. Make 10 new recipes from Pinterest or a friend (0/10)
51. Complete a project from Pinterest
52. An organizational system for my paperwork
53. Decorate my porch with flowers
54. Prepare an emergency kit for my car and house

Entertainment/ Social Life
55. Host a Kentucky Derby Party
56. Visit a one new (to me) restuarant in downtown Raleigh
57. Go to one concert
58. Plan reunion party with some of my college friends
59. Eat dessert first at a restaurant
60. Develop a group of friends in the Raleigh area 
61. Go wine tasting
62. Tie a note to a balloon and let it go

Health and Fitness
63. Bike an MS 150 (or another lengthy bike race)
64. Walk in the morning before work 20 times (0/20)
65. Drink water for 7 days straight--nothing else! (0/7)
66. Run a 5K
67. Walk at least 10,000 steps a day for 1 week (2/7)

68. Save at least $1000
69. Donate money to the North Carolina FFA Foundation
70. Write out a budget and stick to it
71. Go one month without buying an article clothing
72. Collect all 50 state quarters
73. Save for an Apple Computer for blogging

74. Complete a full personal Bible study and begin another
75. Fill a scripture/prayer notebook and start another.
76. Tithe faithfully 2x,month for at least 1 year (0/12)
77. Attend Sunday School regularly
78. Find a church that feels right to me
79. Become actively involved in some way at a church
80. Invite a friend to attend church with me

81. Learn how to use Photoshop Elements
82. Back up my computer
83. Go to an NC Blogger Meet-up
84. Pin something to Pinterest 
85. Write a post about blogging tips and tricks
86. Post a video log
87. Organize my pictures and print off the pictures I love
88. Print my blog
89. Have my sister take high quality pictures of me for this blog

Random Acts of Kindness
90. Send a letter each week for one month (0/4)
91. Donate to the Jimmy V Foundation
92. Pay for someone's coffee
93. Donate Blood
94. Send flowers to a friend
95. Leave a 100% tip
96. Send a care package to a friend in need
97. Leave a treat for the mailman
98. Take in doughnuts for my colleagues
99. Pick up someone from the airport with a homemade sign
100. Place notes on my neighbors doors

101. Celebrate that I completed 101 things in 1001 days!