June 27, 2013

there is PEACE in the storm.

Life is beautiful and more often than not I take it for granted. Do you?

Horrible Storm in Raleigh

Two weeks ago there was a horrible storm in Raleigh.  Tonight, there was another one. These storms scare me, they ruin homes, they destroy people's lives.  Storms in the weather happen all the time, but sometimes we forget that constructive criticism, breakups, sickness and death are forms of storms that happen in our personal lives too.

but I know that life is beautiful...so why are there storms? 

Good question.  I feel like when you love someone or something, they shouldn't hurt you...right? Most of us feel that way. We may question God why something happened or is happening in our lives.  Why is a family member suffering from cancer?  Why do friendships have to be so difficult sometimes?  Why is my work challenging me today? Why does my heart have to suffer through all this?   

Mark 4: 35-41 and Jennifer Rothschild in Missing Pieces struck a chord with me tonight.  The events that happened today in my life led me to asking questions...questions that come from fear. Jennifer Rothschild had this statement and I underlined it in my study book, 

"Don't let your fear take you there.  Instead, take God as He is and trust that He cares because he is in the boat with you." (pg.17)

I have an amazing support system of friends and family and I only hope that you do too.  It is a blessing to have these people in our lives while we live on this earth.  We use them as sounding boards and use their advice for guiding our lives. I also know it is time for me to start adding a little bit (actually a lot more) of God in my life.  When the disciples were being scaredy cats on the boat in the storm, God was asleep.  They should have known he would have kept them safe.  I should have known he would keep you and I safe through the storms. I know I'm not much different from the disciples...I am a big, fat scaredy cat (in personal and weather related storms...anyone else with me?). He is in the boat of our storm...steadying our heart and bringing us a peace that is so desperately needed.  He won't give us more than we can take. He promises that.

Beautiful Bay  with sun and a boat pier

There is always a peace after the storm. God gives us peace in many ways...and tonight he gave me peace through a phone conversation.  We should always know He is there...just as He calmed the storm and comforted the disciples, He calms us too.   God speaks to us personally in prayer but he also uses people on this earth as an agent for him (see...He does use modern technology ;)

After tonight, am confident that life is really beautiful...especially with Him as our captain. I hope you can see that too!

P.S.  Are you interested in studying the Missing Pieces Bible Study by Jennifer Rothschild? It's not too late to start...let me know and you can be part of our group (you don't have to be here physically...we can talk online...you would just need to pick up the book!)