June 25, 2013

missing pieces.

It's amazing how quickly we can fall away from those we know...how quickly we can be scared of what is happening...and how quickly we can let the power of worry and anxiety take over our lives.  

Anxiety. Worry. Fear.

It's a huge part of my life...any other ladies with me?  

Let's face it, women are multi-taskers.  We are born and bred to have babies, take care of them, work a full time job, keep the house clean, do laundry, cook...oh wait...did I forget something? 


While most women thrive off of this lifestyle...we still find that time to complain about it...to worry about it when God has truly overflowed our cup of blessings. We complain when he has graciously given us a healthy family, a roof over our head, and food to feed our families.  God provides when we need it most, yet, it isn't enough for most of us.

Lately my love with my Savior has been a passionate love...I have missed Him.  He never left me, but I sure wasn't with Him. 

Am I the only one that has one night stands with God? One day in love...the next day not so much? 

Life has challenged me. It has challenged you.  We question why things happen the way they do.  We all have "missing pieces". 

Now, look at the picture below. Can you guess what that is? 
My Childhood Blanket "Pinky"

If you guessed a blankie, you would happen to be correct.  (for those that read my blog in the morning, I hope that wasn't too challenging ...if so, please grab that second cup of coffee.  trust me, I will too :)

So this blankie, AKA "my pinky" has been my childhood blanket since I was born.  A sweet friend made it for me and still to this day, 23 years later, I cuddle up with it every night. Ya'll, I am a grown woman and I still cuddle with him every. single. night (wait... how did "pinky" become a male? good question...but that is another story for another day)  

My "pinky" has been through a lot...he looks great, but that is because my mother took him away from me one day and repaired him.  At one point, there was no stuffing, the edges were un-sewn, and he was falling apart. I took him everywhere with me.  He kept me safe in thunderstorms, played outside, made the best forts in the world, and has even comforted me in times of sadness today.  He still rides in my carry on everywhere I travel. 

He had and still has missing pieces.

I have missing pieces.

Missing Pieces Bible Study Book

When I thought everything was falling to pieces, my office mates Amanda and Karen recommended starting a Bible Study.  Amanda found this great Bible study by Jennifer Rothschild called Missing Pieces

Tonight I started this Bible study and the author Jennifer told me to wrap myself up in my blanket...let it protect me...even though there are holes and missing pieces.  She wasn't talking about my actual blankie, she was talking about the blanket of faith.  

Just as the book cover says, "God provides real hope when life doesn't make sense".  It doesn't mean that nothing will hurt along the way, that it will all be easy peasy. If we can just trust and give it all to Him, He will protect us.

After all, He paid the ultimate price.  He died on the cross and all that He asks is that we trust and follow Him.

What a beautiful love.