June 9, 2013

exploring agriculture.

I have been so busy lately...well, as busy as a girl that lives by herself can be.  

I like to travel...and recently it has been a huge part of my life.  I wish I would have taken more pictures of my recent travels...but after a while, farmland looks the same

This past week  I crossed 3 new states off my bucket list (Arkansas, Mississippi, and Missouri) and visited 5 in total! I had the opportunity to ride with one of our area sales managers and he taught me so much about agriculture in his region.  We visited a lot of fun local places, took very few bathroom breaks, and enjoyed some amazing food.

Day 1: woke up at 3:00am. drove to RDU. flew to ATL. landed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. got in the truck and drove all the way to West Monroe, Louisiana. we visited a few customers along the way.

While in the airport, I heard some noise.  Yes. This is a bird. IN THE MIDDLE OF MY GATE. Oh the things you see while traveling.

We visited a co-op in southern Louisiana and I noticed the owner sold Purina feeds.  My parents collect Purina memorabilia and he gave me this hat to give to my parents.  Crawfish bait made by Purina! They seriously make a feed for everything!

I also got to visit with friends Lauren and Alex at a great little ice cream place!  I definitely have a new Blue Bell ice cream favorite...I'm a Blue Bell girl for life.

Day 2: woke up. visited Duck Commander (Duck Dynasty warehouse...I just wanted to say that I visited there). got some t-shirts. hit the road again.  drank too much iced tea. visited a cool antique shop. drove through some sketchy towns.  told the sales rep about my family. vice versa. visited some customers. drove through Arkansas and Mississippi. stayed in Memphis, Tennessee for the night. 

Enjoying Duck Commander with all the other crazies!

He took me to this great little restaurant that I absolutely fell in love with. It would have made a great little feed store! (ideas for my future)

Day 3: woke up and was on the road by 7:15 am. drove into Arkansas. visited a couple of customers. went to Missouri. visited some customers. visited the sales rep's farm. flew out of Memphis. got delayed. landed at RDU late at night.

My travels with all of our sales reps have been great. While I was a student and teacher in agriculture education, my family was huge.  When moving to the agriculture chemical business, I was worried that it would change and I wouldn't feel that same family atmosphere.  Well, I was wrong...my agriculture family has grown and now I am learning the foundation of agriculture...cultivating the land and growing crops across the land that we live on. Our sales managers challenge my knowledge of the company, teach me all about agriculture, and give me advice that any parents or grandparents would give.  I am more than blessed to be part of this industry.