June 26, 2013

exciting news!

The past 2 days have been crazy...actually...take that back...the past 2 weeks have been crazy. A lot of change has been going on in my life, in some of my friend's lives, and especially in the life of a girl that I have grown to love since I was teaching at St. Pauls High School.  

Everyone...meet Danielle. Our friendship has developed all because I sent her a text message asking if she wanted to go to dinner with me.  We had both moved to the area at the time and needed a friend.  Our first friend date was at Chili's, we shared the 2 for $20 deal...and the rest is history from there.

Here is my other friend and the special someone she likes to call her child.

Meet Tyson. 

Officially the cutest boxer I know. The best part about her having a boxer is that I have always loved these dogs. Hopefully, having him around will satisfy my want for a dog. Who knows?  It's definitely worth trying. 

So...to get to the nitty gritty. Two weeks ago I got a phone call saying that she got a job in the Raleigh area.  I was so excited for her! Fast forward to this week....

On Monday morning she called for some housing advice.  
On Monday afternoon we decided we needed to be roommates.  
On Tuesday I checked out an apartment we were both interested in.  
On Tuesday afternoon I paid our fees and filled out applications.  

So, if you haven't picked up what I have been putting down so far... this means I will be moving in August and will have 2 new roommates!!!

I cannot wait to share more stories with ya'll! Any advice for moving?