June 30, 2013

a good weekend.

You know those weekends where you just have a good one? Nothing super spectacular happened...just a good, relaxing, wholesome weekend with friends?  That's what I had, and ya'll, it was wonderful.

There is a beautiful town in North Carolina called Beaufort and if you asked me to move there tomorrow, I probably would.  It is such a quaint, little town on Taylor Creek that is fed off of the Beaufort Inlet Channel which leads to the Atlantic. 

Anyways, we drove down to the Morehead City/Atlantic Beach/ Beaufort area, checked into our hotel and went to eat at the Ruddy Duck Tavern. 

I love this place and always have since the first time I visited there. I knew I had to take Olivia.  Amazing fried shrimp, a beautiful view of the water, and a fun place to dive into a true beach lifestyle.  We went back that night and tried to plan our weekend.  Emphasis on the word "tried". 

We woke up the next morning to some halfway-pretty/ halfway-icky weather.  In other words, not my ideal Vitamin D soaking weather.  The waves were crazy (4-6 ft waves reported), kinda gloomy, but we trekked our way out there. Beach chairs, towels, sunscreen, and all (yes mom, I did put my sunscreen on).

After a while, we got a few droplets of rain.  We decided to stop the beach thing for a while and drove to Beaufort.  We had lunch at this wonderful place called Taylor's Creek Grocery.  I had a BLTA. The "A" is avacado.  Never again will I just have a BLT...there will always be an "A". Miss "A" has officially been married into my BLT forever.  Yes, you may now kiss your bride Mr. BLT. 

We walked town, did some window shopping, and decided to head back to the hotel to relax a little.  We ended up meeting our college friend Jonathon in Beaufort later that evening.  Clawson's Restaurant for dinner was great.  More shrimp for me. More shrimp for her. All was good with our hearts.

Such a fun little restaurant.  Makes me love North Carolina even more.  After dinner we walked around town (AKA...trying to make more room in our stomachs) while oohing and ahhing over the yachts that were docked.  Let me tell you...I need to figure out what they do...because I know that my career goals are not going to buy me a 106 ft yacht, at least not yet (a girl can dream...right?) 

We decided on some ice cream from the General Store in town. Ice cream is always a good beach dessert.  No questions asked...well maybe by my mountain girl Olivia.  They obviously don't teach them how to eat ice cream up there in the mountains. She a strugglin'.

On Sunday morning, we were invited to go to church with Jonathon, his family, and a good agriculture teacher friend in the area.  They attend a Pentecostal Holiness Church.  Can I just say that the service was a bit different than I was used to, but all in all, I learned, I experienced, and have an even better view of the ways people worship the Lord. We all worship differently and that is okay.  I am so glad that I got to be there to worship our Lord with some of my closest friends.  

I needed this weekend with friends.  It is always fun to explore the different parts of the North Carolina, especially our  beautiful coastline. So fun. So beautiful. So, Beaufort, we will meet again!