May 4, 2013

"what's up with those quotation marks?"

day 4: What's my favorite quote and why do I love it.

Working with or being involved in leadership based organizations most of my life has allowed me to see many quotes...we are talking thousands.  When someone asks me what my favorite quote is, I really struggle.  Quotes for me are always changing.  Life takes different spins and, in essence, my quotes fall with what's happening in my life.  Not all quotes have to be positive either...when you're sad, you need sad quotes, when you're happy...well, I think you get the picture.

My quote is very different today than it was 5-6 years ago.  I have my favorite oldies, but my current favorite that has really been speaking to me lately is:

"Dedication involves making the space to let young ideas take hold; 
every tree was once a seed and every company was once an idea."
Zephyr Bloch Jorgensen

Blogging for me is something that is therapeutic; it's relaxing, motivating, and exciting.  Blogging started for me when I was a freshman in college.  I had always wanted to start a blog, but could never find anything to write about.  I didn't think people wanted to read about my life...because sometimes I didn't like reading about my own.  Let's admit it, for those of you that know me, I am an old soul.  I go to bed before 9:30pm most nights (meaning I am asleep), I wake up and go into the office early, and I have a very distinct routine.  My life can be BORING and quite truthfully, I am a-okay with that now.

I have accepted that it is okay to have a lifestyle blog now.  I don't have to be a super talented Pinterest crafter or a top chef; that is who other people are. Me...well, I am me.  I am an old soul, a lover of romance, and a girl that is trying to find her goals and dreams again. 

When I think of DEDICATION...this is always the first picture I think of.
 I was truly working towards a dream that I spent hours thinking about.

I don't want a million followers and I don't even want to live financially off this blog.  What I do want, is people to enjoy reading about my realize that I go through struggles too.  Sometimes I don't know how to post the ugly...but ya'll, it's there.  We ALL have ugly parts about our lives and I hope that you can see I hurt too sometimes.

For me, the blogs that I tend to read on a daily basis aren't full of giveaways. They are full of faith, hope, love, and the struggle to get there.  I care about people I haven't even met because I feel like I know and care about their story.  I begin to know who they are. Maybe one day I can meet them :)

So, the quote above symbolizes where I am today.  Before, I didn't dedicate myself to developing a blog or finding where I needed to be...but this quote has given me the encouragement to make that time, to plant that seed that will eventually turn into something quite spectacular.