May 2, 2013

time to educate.

Day 2: Educate us about something you know a lot about or are good at.

Umm. yeah. 

That is exactly what I thought when I read this prompt for the "Blog Everyday In May Challenge". 

I was a teacher, so you think I would naturally educate ya'll about my subject matter (Horticulture, Agriscience, and Animal Science).  Well, I am going to talk about it, but I am definitely not going to teach you like I did my students. With this prompt, I really want to tell you about something I think I am good at, or am passionate about.


There is something about agriculture that is so extremely special to me.  Most people take their food and their clothing for granted.  We can just walk into the store and buy what we need and most of the time, expect it to be there at all times.  

We are blessed in the United States.

There are several people that help make that possible for us everyday.

and...that brings me to my point today.

Agriculture is a family.

When I graduated college last May and moved to start my first teaching job, I moved to a small southern town.  Agriculture employed most of the county...and the first place you always look to find a group of farmers is the local grill.  Not just any grill, but one that is open before 6:00am and serves great biscuits and sweet tea.  

One of my first weeks on the job, I walked into a grill around 6:15am, ordered an egg and cheese biscuit,  and started conversation with these farmers.  They recognized my boots and the FFA emblem on my jacket...they asked what I did...and from that point on, we had a connection.  

I can go anywhere in this world and know that I will always have my agriculture roots to help me.  Anyone that works in the agriculture industry supports each other to help reach our final goal:

To feed, clothe, and educate the over 7 billion people of this world. 

I would love to be an outreach coordinator in the agriculture industry.  I don't know if this is a real job, I would love to visit schools, different trade shows (Southern Women's Show, etc.), and educate ordinary people about agriculture and how we cannot live without it. 

Campaigning for the NC Commissioner of Agriculture

While teaching high school agriculture, I realized that people in this world are getting further and further from understanding where their food comes from...and it's sad. I want to change that.

Today, the agriculture industry employees more than 21 million American workers (15% of U.S. jobs). Agriculture has a huge impact on you, on me, and on the rest of this world.

Need a little understanding of how agriculture impacts your life? Check out this short video.  

What are you passionate about?