May 7, 2013

day 7: big fat scaredy cat

day 7: the thing(s) you are most afraid of.

I like to think I am a relatively brave person, until it comes down to two things: 

crime scene shows & the 11:00 pm news.  

Why are crime scene shows and the 11:00 pm news so creepy?!?!  It's all about death and people that are out to get other people...what happened to the happiness of this world? Obviously,  there isn't much of it past 9:00 pm at night.

I can guarantee you that past 7:00 pm, the only thing on my television are happy shows.  Some of my favorites are Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, the Golden Girls, and anything on HGTV.  (If I can't do the DIY projects, might as well watch somebody that can, and relish in their glory and talent.)

I should have listened better to my dad when I was a teenager.  He always told me, "nothing good happens after 10:00 pm, so you don't need to be out that late." I think it's kinda the same thing with television. No wonder my family is usually in bed and asleep before 9:30 pm. Nothing good happens on tv after 10.

I wouldn't have admitted this 8 years ago...but man, my daddy is the smartest man in the world.