May 3, 2013

day 3: nail biting moments.

Day 3: Things that make you uncomfortable.

The picture doesn't do justice.I tried a coral lip stain that was awfully bright for my lips.
 I managed to rub most of it off before dinner with a friend.
-public restrooms: what do you touch? what don't you touch? who is in the stall next to you?

-nail polish on my fingers: I love a clear coat of nail polish or a french tip nail, but if I paint it a color, I feel like a completely different person.  It's just not me and I feel self conscious.

-singing in front of people: I did not receive the beautiful vocals of the family...all the older ladies at church think Christopher has a great voice. I agree and I am glad it's him and not me :)

-acne: I have it and have had it since 5th grade. I am almost 23...and we still can't seem to find a solution. *sigh*

-change: I like to think I enjoy change, but I honestly struggle. I do not like getting thrown out of a routine. I am a creature of habit.

-growing up: Isn't this one for everybody? I am not afraid to be older, just the growing up into an adult phase makes me a little uneasy.

-meeting people for the first time: I am nice and cordial, but you will really get the true me on visit #2. 

-spending money on things I don't need: I used to be a great so much. I guess it's because I want to look like a professional and feel like I didn't have anything in college.

-being in charge: I am quite content with data entry and mundane tasks and am good at it. Give me a task and I will find a way for it to get done.  Make me manage and that's where I lose all confidence.

What makes you uncomfortable?