May 29, 2013

birchbox reveal: may 2013

A lot of bloggers have subscribed to receive something called a Birchbox.  It's kind of like a magazine subscription, but it allows you to sample high end beauty products to help you decide if you want to purchase the full size later on.  After reading bloggers constantly reviewing this neat little box, I decided to try it out.  I like to receive packages and this one looked like fun.  It would be a little treat to me!

May 2013's box (and my very first box) was full of some super awesome products.  I haven't used all the products yet, but most of them I have been extremely pleased with.  

1. Amika oil treatment: This product was amazing!!!  I am so sad that I ran out of it today.  I have never used an oil on my hair before, but this one made my hair soft and served as a great heat protectant. I put it on my hair before blow drying and flat-ironed.  It smells good and works well.  Definitely worth a splurge purchase (maybe for an upcoming birthday present to myself :)

2. Coola Cucumber SPF 30 Matte Finish:  Lately I have been enjoying the pool at my apartment complex, so with my fair skin, sunscreen is always a must.  This sunscreen smelled wonderful, didn't leave a greasy feeling, and did a good job blocking the sun.  If it wasn't so darn expensive, I would purchase it.

3. Isaac Mizrahi FABULOUS perfume:  I can't decide if I like this perfume.  I am always in the market for a new perfume...but some days I like it and other days I don't.  This one was just a maybe for me.

4. Amika Nourishing Mask: This deep conditioner was okay...but I have seen and used better. It smelled great, but didn't give the results I definitely a no-go for me.  Not worth the money.

5. Marvis Toothpaste:  My dentist likes to call my mom a tooth/teeth warden. Growing up we had to do everything...brush, floss, rinse, fluoride tablet, etc.etc. every morning and night.  I am so grateful she cares so much about teeth...still to this day, I do not have a cavity (knock on wood) and have some of the prettiest teeth. This toothpaste had a great minty flavor, but no grit to it, so my teeth felt nasty all day long.  Great travel size, into my carry on it goes for my travel next week!

6. Sumita Eyeliner: haven't used this yet.

7. Cotz Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40: I opened this and saw that it was fairly dark in the bottle. This sunscreen is supposed to match your skin color so you don't have to wear makeup while out at the beach or pool.  I may have to pass this one on...this chick is white and stays white. 

Overall, I was impressed and cannot wait to receive my next Birchbox! Comment below if you need a referral!