April 23, 2013

what's my decorating style?

Think about how you decorate at your home...what is it decorated like? What colors do you use? I have been thinking lately that we tend to decorate like someone in our family once did.  Usually, like mother like daughter.

Yes, my mom and I have similar tastes and decorating styles, but with this new apartment, I find my living room to be decorated like my mom does at home but I have been developing my own decorating style elsewhere.

I tend to like brighter and more neutral colors like whites and tans and accent it with pinks, oranges, and blacks.  

The one thing that my mother and I do have in common is trying to find a great deal. Yes, we like department store deals, but the real fun is traveling from garage sale to garage sale on a Saturday morning or looking on the side of the road to find something cheap or better yet, free. It's actually something I find that both of my parents love doing.

Below is my latest trash to treasure find.

These vases/dishes were found at my local Goodwill Community Foundation for a grand total of $5.  I wish I would have taken a before picture because they were dirty and grimy.  I bought some fake flowers from Dollar Tree and put them in the pitcher/creamer.  I would really like to put some larger flowers in the large vase,but I did not realize how expensive they were!  I will definitely be waiting until a better coupon becomes available or I can find them at a thrift store.  

Final Total of the Project: $7

Go check out Target or Home Goods and see how much it would cost to decorate your house with brand new things...its kind of ridiculous.  Thanks to Pinterest, I find new ideas and take the time to find something that I can make my own!

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