April 17, 2013

new blog design and a couple new reminders...

Notice something different?  My blog design has finally been uploaded and I could not be happier with it!!!  Looking for a new design but don't have the tools to create it...or lets be honest, the brains?!?

Check out Melanie.  She owns Tinker B Designs and was so wonderful to work with, plus she creates beautiful, affordable designs!  I found her on Etsy, along with several other blogger designers, narrowed down the options, and decided to use her. I couldn't have chosen a better designer!

Blogging is therapeutic for me.  Most of my high school and college career was spent writing in journals. I had always wanted to start and maintain a blog (the maintenance part can be difficult at times), but I truly love and enjoy it.  I realize that I am not super crafty, I am not a mom, and currently do not have any special hobbies, so my blog is not like most of those I read. I know that I love reflecting on everything...life, work, and relationships. I am in the business of making memories and want to cherish those forever.  So why not blog?

Take some time to look through my new blog design.  The social media buttons on top actually work :) So, feel free to begin following me.  Most of my accounts are still on lock down from teaching, but don't be afraid to just click the button and see what I do on a daily basis. I promise you some good laughs.

Let me know if there is anything you would like to see or if there is something you really like. I can't wait to hear from you!