April 3, 2013

CARA Box Exchange


I have been seriously slacking at this blogging thing.  Why? I'm busy...or I like to think that I am ;) 

So, this sweet sweet darling of a lady sent me a beautiful box that made my day.  I have had a lot of fun reading Karen's blog and could not wait to see what she had put into my CARA box.  

What is the CARA box?  It is a fun little exchange program between bloggers that allows women to grow and meet new people in the blogging community.  It was my first time doing it and it was definitely a hunt.  I prepared a box for the lovely Kaitlyn and I hope that she loved it :)

And...the CARA box I received was full of wonderful goodies!  This month's theme was that every item had to start with the first letter of your name!  Well, I am Kara with a K.  In my opinion, K's were hard to find things for, but it made for lots of fun and created a good eye!

The cutest bag ever :) Got me in the mood for spring!
Some of my favorite things...I love the SPRING colors!
So, as I said, K's are HARD but I think Karen did really well!  I have that cute journal sitting near my bed so I can take down random thoughts (AKA grocery list, etc).  I can't tell you how much I need travel Kleenex for all the movies I cry during and the springtime allergy sniffles.  The nail polish is called "KISS me PINK" and is one of the most beautiful colors against my pale skin.  The key ring is perfect for my new car keys! And...what girl doesn't need a Kit Kat every once in a while. 

Thanks Karen for the encouraging card and sweet words! I loved it all!

PS. I told her that I loved red and white...she had trouble finding things in red and white so she wrapped it in red tissue paper :) I think she has got me hooked on these spring colors though!

Join in the fun here next month!

Cara Box