March 13, 2013

this body needs to get excuses.

I have been looking to meet some people while being active and having fun at the same time...tough, because who really REALLY enjoys working out?

Moving to a new area can be difficult as a young professional. I am trying to meet new friends, but at the same time, don't want to lose touch with the ones I met in college and slack on spending time with the love of my life.  It is a tough situation to be in and definitely puts me in between a rock and a hard place. 

I went through a period of time in college when I overcommitted myself and I was MISERABLE.  Yes, it is was great being involved in so much...but at the same time, I didn't really enjoy any of it.  Why? Because I couldnt put all my energy into one activity. 

This spring I have decided to take part in a few different things just to see where my niche is. Hopefully, after a period of time, I will decide which I like better and will stick to the one that makes me the most happy!  Last night I went to this AWESOME pilates, yoga, movement studio that really challenged me outside of my normal workout routine-which is non-existent ya'll. The class I took was called Xtend Barre.  It is a crazy workout that combines areas of ballet techniques, cardio, fun upbeat music, and pilates.  It is a full body workout so when I finished, I felt refreshed and renewed.  I really cannot wait to go back again!

Here is a short video of what the class is kind of like. 

Do I look like that? Heck I like to think I do...maybe ;)

I take the class at and met some really sweet ladies. Great instructor, great studio, great people. I am definitely in love!

Tomorrow night, I have my first soccer game with a young professional league.  I am super nervous, but if anything, it will be a great way to exercise!