January 7, 2013

you are my constant


Ever feel like that?

Most of you know, my move is quickly approaching. I have 8 days...you heard me 8 school days and 12 days until I need to move out of this beautiful town that I have grown to love.  The love of my life is here.  The children I have grown to love, hate, and love again are here...all 82 of them.  Currently, my life is here...in 12 days it won't be...it will be in Raleigh.

Change.  I love it because I know it is going to make my life better...this decision to take a new job in the middle of the year was spurred by God.  After many years of challenging God, I have realized that when He opens doors, He opens them for a reason. Every time I tried to tell Him no...He told me yes.  

Driving home today I was distraught...I had a wonderful day at school...and finally realized I am leaving my children to the unknown. We love our comfort zone and school is my comfort zone. I know how to write a lesson plan, I know how to change classes, I know how to work with children...why am I changing?

Then this song came on.

"Okay, I really don't like change, but I can't stop it..

.I'm moving forward anyway, with a promise.  
You are the anchor for my soul, that's all I need to know."
You are my constant.

God. You are the anchor for my soul... You have provided me with a unique opportunity to become who I am.  You have led me to Raleigh, so today I am moving forward, trusting you with every part of my soul. You are my constant while everything is changing.

{love will hold us together}