January 8, 2013

why I teach.

When most people think of classrooms...this is what they think of:

The students walk in the door, say "Good Morning Ms. Kara", sit quietly while the teacher speaks and teaches them the knowledge of the world; then they all turn in their classwork while they are walking out the door and say "Have a great day Ms. Kara! See you tomorrow." 
Just so you know...most days...this is not how it looks.

In reality...this is what classrooms look like.(and how I feel most days)

BUT, today is different.  Yes, I still had a crazy classroom like the picture above,but something different happened.  In college they always talk about how rewarding teaching is and I really hadn't experienced that feeling until a couple of days ago.

So, it was a couple of days before Christmas break and my kids were crazy. I was ready to get out for break, they were ready to get out for break, so it wasn't a good situation either way.  As 3rd period got started, I asked one of my students to politely sit down and get started on his work.  He proceeded to try to tell me that he wasn't going to with some beautifully threaded language and threw a desk against the wall in my classroom. I called the office and let's just say this student got an early Christmas vacation. 

A few days ago, returning from break,I was anxious to have this student in my classroom.  What was he going to do?  Would he be upset with me?  I didn't know.

This child did something I never expected any student to do...he apologized to me.  Not because he was forced to, but because he wanted to.  He pulled me into the hallway and said, "Ms. Kara, my behavior isn't what it should have been and I am so sorry for my actions. Will you please forgive me?" 

Children today still have hearts...they still care about others.  Just when you think you, as a teacher, haven't touched one in the classroom, you realized you have touched many.  God put me here for a reason...even though it has been for a short amount of time... I have never been so blessed in my life.