April 11, 2011

gonna put the world away for a minute

Today, out of all days, I just wanna put the world away for a minute. 

There are just those days where you don't want to be available...where you just want to be alone because you've just had a bad day or you just want to relax. It happens to be one of those days.  I just want to sit back and think...think about life, think about the weeks ahead, think about today.

I have a Livestock Evaluation exam tomorrow, but truthfully, I'm tired of it.  I thought this class would be enjoyable, but I think I am just going to cross it off as one of those "worthless" classes that I have to take.  This class has so much potential, but unfortunately, I just can't seem to absorb the information.  Makes me really think if I was meant to teach animal science in a school classroom....just a thought.

Today, I wish I was just "knee deep" in something other than school.  Doesn't necessarily have to be the ocean like in the song by Zac Brown Band, but I need someplace to escape to.  The best days of my life were spent with my horse at the barn or out in a barn mucking stalls.  I just love that atmosphere...being by yourself, thinking about the day, and relaxing to music.  Sounds weird, I know; but, to most people that have grown up around livestock, there is so much comfort in knowing that you have a place to just escape.

Being in Raleigh has made this concept very difficult and has been replaced (to some extent) with trips to Lake Johnson and Yates Mill Park, but that doesn't fill that void of agriculture and working with animals.  Only if I still had those opportunities....