February 22, 2011

It's that time....for National FFA Week!

So, I absolutely love, Love, LOVE National FFA Week...the one issue I have with National FFA Week is that NC State's spring break always tends to fall right around that time.  In other words, that means that all NC State students have loads and loads of work to be done, exams to take, and group projects to work on while all of the high school students get to enjoy their time dressing up as cows, eating BBQ lunches, and having a great time learning and promoting agriculture.
 That is the one thing I loved about FFA Week...it made those that usually don't feel important, feel like they were on top of the world.  It was so much fun to wear official dress to school and to promote agriculture among the members, school, and community through fun activities. Students all across the nation are celebrating this week of wonderfulness (if that is even a word) in so many different ways.  State and National Officers are conducting leadership workshops for students and are learning about chapters in rural and urban areas.  It is amazing how so many people come together to focus on one common goal: student success and agriculture!

So, as a college student, I miss this week....I miss it A LOT! My room is filled with FFA pictures of people that I love dearly.  There is just something about being part of a student led organization that makes a difference in the lives of people, schools, and communities.  It is something that has taken me farther than I ever thought I could happen.  The best part about this organization is that it is based on agricultural family values.  Students care for each other, for adults, and for the world around them. Many students are no longer farming, but are part of something so much bigger.  Students are becoming agriculture educators and extension agents, biologists, political leaders, animal scientists, veterinarians, geneticists, bio-technologists, sales agents, they are helping to grow and promote our food  industry...so how can you not help but love us?

We Feed You!

So, next time you see someone in agriculture....thank them for what they do.  They are making a difference in your life each and everyday!  If you don't believe me, just watch this short video...

 And....if you are interested in learning more about the National FFA Organization and the amazing people in it, check out the website.  www.ffa.org

So, back I go to being the studious college student, but before I do....
        1. Thank someone in agriculture today
2. Put a smile on your face :)